Electronic Knowledge Management Systems Architecture and Engineering

Electronic Knowledge Management Systems Architecture and Engineering (KMS)

For us at SLI your business is a living organization, capable of growing through learning, and mainly through knowledge and information within it. Knowledge requires adequate filtering, secure storage and most of all correct management, in order for it to function as capital of wealth and growth for the enterprise and its people.
Adoption of an electronic management system in businesses has so far been about organizing some of its procedures, operation of the accounts department, client management and when necessary warehouse management. This so far has been a greatly problematic issue for all businesses that bought such software, for two main reasons.
First, companies that produce and trade such software solely deal with software development and trade. This means that their purpose is to sell as many software packages as possible to as many businesses as possible and make profit. Therefore, that software is a “fit-for-all” product and in the best possible case, only a fraction of its features will be of use to the business, while there will be all sorts of other needs that will not be met by that specific software.
Secondly, as the objective of software development companies is programming and selling, one cannot expect them to be able to identify and understand operational processes and structures of an enterprise. Therefore, while they sincerely promise effective parameterization of the software to meet the needs of a specific business, at the same time they do not understand those needs. On the other side, the business owner is unable to brief the software company with a procedural plan, as most of the times there are no active procedures in place yet. Therefore, there is a huge architectural and content gap between the software company and the enterprise.

At SLI we extensively work on the architecture and content of an electronic KMS, as we are the only ones that profoundly understand the structural needs of our client’s business.

More often than not, the architectural plan and commissioning brief for the software company is developed by us and this is an included part of our contracted service in the “Harvest” circle.

Followingly we develop the commissioning brief for the corporate network and its positioning on the Cloud, while we are the only ones that utilize the blockchain technology in ways that are beneficial for SMEs regarding electronic contracts, security, copyright management and confidentiality.

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