Welcome to Elaeon, the olive grove of knowledge and entrepreneurship! Our olive grove is internationally the only club for entrepreneurs, in which entrepreneurship is the projection of your frame of mind and personality structure. Trauma, fixation, roles, experiences and excess contribute to the entrepreneurship model you have developed and your ability to manage and lead. In Elaeon you will acquire technical knowedge for optimum practice in financial design, human resources management, use of technology in your business, communication and marketing. In Elaeon you will learn the principal parameters of psychology and neurology, through which your personality was structured along with your talents, your weaknesses and fears and your survival strategies. You will learn to read your decisions in a different light and to read your peers in a different way. You will be transformed into the leader you were born to be. In Elaeon you will be a member of a community of likeminded entrepreneurs, you will grow together, in solidarity and mutual understanding. You will carry out research and share experience. You will develop important social and benevolent activity and enjoy all the advantages of healthy networking.

Elaeon membership is open to entrepreneurs regardless of gender, age, orientation and activity, with legal behaviour and activity that prove their faith in measure, substantial content and the sublimeness of diversity, with correct judgement, tolerance and critical thinking.
After admission to Elaeon and a year of training and updates, our member can move onto the level of Harvesting, or even that of the Olive Press. There all the secrets of true leadership will be disclosed.

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